il Tavolo No Limits

The world of culinary arts is colourful, creative, fresh, young, urban and much more. Zurich’s culinarians show their very own and unique gastronomic world at the big il TAVOLO “no limits night”. Restaurants, cooking clubs, food trucks, hotels, rural women, delis or wine stores – they are all invited to stage their very own food happening on a certain theme at the il TAVOLO “no limits night”. Further information on il TAVOLO no limits available at the end of February 2015.

il Tavolo: The Collection Night


26th June 2015

In and around Zurich
Culinarians from the city of Zurich and the surrounding areas:
participate? Restaurants, hotels, food trucks, cooking clubs, rural women, delis or wine stores are invited to submit event ideas that suit the given themes until the end of February 2015

Depending on the event