Frank Widmer

Frank Widmer

Chefkoch im Park Hyatt Zürich

After completing his training in 1991, Swiss executive chef, Frank Widmer, gained experience in various restaurants and hotels in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the US, Qatar and Kuwait.

Chef Widmer joined Hyatt in 1996 as Chef de Cuisine at Hyatt Regency Almaty’s Grill Restaurant.  Following this position, he was involved in the openings of several Hyatt hotels, including those in Amman, Hamburg, Sharm el Sheik, Taba Heights and Warsaw, where he was Executive Chef from 2001 to 2004.  Chef Widmer has also supported Hyatt hotels in Johannesburg, Mainz, Belgrade and Baku during their openings. Since the opening of Park Hyatt Zurich in 2004, Chef Widmer has been in charge of the hotel’s kitchen concept, which offers top dining venues that are now renowned throughout the city.

With an emphasis on distinctive flavours and exceptional quality, the search for unique produce is a relentless process for Park Hyatt Zurich.  Whether it is artisanal cheeses and smoked meats from the mountains surrounding Zurich or seawater fish from the coast of France, only the finest ingredients are allowed into Chef Widmer’s kitchen.  The focus is on natural products and properly reared livestock and, as a guarantee of quality, the provenance of all ingredients is always shown on the menus.  The outstanding cuisine at parkhuus restaurant belies a humble, unpretentious nature that makes the lively and energetic atmosphere of this urban neighbourhood restaurant easily approachable.

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for 4 persons:

· 800 gr Seabass filet with skin, scaled (4x200gr)
· Oliveoil
· 100 gr Pesto
· 80 gr Tomatoes sundried
· 80 gr Olives black
· 80 gr Caper berries
· Sea salt & Pepper from the mill


With a sharp knife cut slices into the skin of the seabass.

In a frying pan heat the olive oil and gently fry the seabass on the skin side until the skin is Crispy, after turn the filet and fry shortly until the flesh is glassy.

Place the filet on a plate, skin up and garnish with pesto, tomatoes, olives and the capers.

Before serving, season the fish with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.