Dietmar Sawyere

Dietmar Sawyere

Executive Chef Widder Hotel

Since March 2013 Dietmar Sawyere has taken over the culinary reigns of the Widder Hotel’s kitchen. The 50 years old Swiss returns to his native roots after more than 30 years as Chef de Cuisine and restaurateur in England, New Zealand, Asia and Australia.

Dietmar Sawyere belongs to the elite of international master chefs. Since his career start in 1978 at the Savoy in London numerous awards line his professional path: In England he received the „Young Chef of the Year“ award in 1982, in New Zealand he was honoured as „Chef of the Year“in 1984 as well as 1985.

Dietmar Sawyere’s aspiration to rank among the best chefs worldwide was evident already in his childhood: Sawyere comes from a restaurateur family, and already with the tender age of 14 he was immensely facinated by the artisan skills of working with fresh quality produce and its usage.

With 16 years he began to work as Chef de Partie at the world-famous Savoy in London. Two years later he transfered to the group’s Connaught Hotel, where he intensified his skills under the aegis of legendary Chef Michel Bourdin. After his career start in London Dietmar Sawyere travelled to New Zealand in 1983. As Chef de Cusine he demonstrated his expertise at the Hyatt Regency in Auckland, before Hyatt International Hotels in Hongkong appointed him to Chef de Cuisine Projects in 1985. In 1986 Sawyere followed the call of Regent International Hotels whereupon he worked in executive positions in Bangkok and Melbourne. Six years later Sawyere established the restaurants of the newly opened Hotel Park Lane in Sydney which soon became the most fashionable locations in town.

In 1993 Sawyere launched a spectacular restaurant on the top floor of Chifley Tower in Sydney, originally designed to be Australian entrepreneur Alan Bond’s penthouse. Eventually Sawyere decided that the time had come to venture out on his own. He opened Forty One-Restaurant in Sydney, which over the eighteen years since opening won no less than 45 awards. 1994 saw the premiere of the Brasserie Cassis in Chifley Tower. Both restaurants were training grounds for a young and upcoming chef elite with talents such as Matt Kemp.

With the opening of the fine-dining restaurant Five City Road in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1988 Dietmar Sawyere expanded beyond the Australian borders. Dietmar Sawyere also undertook several consultancy roles during this period including being Consultant Chef and restaurateur to Shrooms Restaurant in Singapore. In August 2007 he obtained one of Sydney’s culinary icons: Berowra Waters Inn reopened to great critical acclaim in November 2007. Three years later Sawyere published his first cook book: „Table by the River“ is already in the second print run.

Dietmar Sawyere is chef and restaurateur with the greatest passion. His zeal for local products, its diversity and variety is proverbial, In Australia he worked closely together with selected farmers and growers and was instrumental in the development of many new products, which today are available in Australia. The native Swiss speaks English, German and French. Sawyere is a keen skier and he loves to read. Alone his collection of more than 1,000 cook books is proof of this.

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· 4 x 100 g Wolfsbarschfilet mit Haut
· 50 g Butter
· 1 Zitrone

· 320 g Calamari
· 5 g Meer-Salz
· 5 g Paprikapulver
· 10 g Mehl

· 100 g Blumenkohl-Püree
· 50 g Tapenade
· 20 g Koriander
· 50 ml Zitronenreduktion mit Olivenöl „extra vergine“
· 10 g fein geschnittener Schnittlauch
· 5 g fein geschnittener Chili


Zubereitung vom Wolfsbarsch:
Pfanne auf gewünschte Temperatur erhitzen und das Wolfsbarschfilet auf der Hautseite mit Butter bepinseln. Das Wolfsbarschfilet auf der Hautseite anbraten bis sich die Haut leicht bräunlich verfärbt  anschliessend wenden und restliche Butter sowie Zitronensaft beigeben. Pfanne vom Herd nehmen und den Fisch mit Meer-Salz abschmecken.

Zubereitung der Calamari:
Mische das Mehl zusammen mit dem Paprikapulver und dem Meer-Salz. Öffne die Calamari mit einem scharfen Messer auf der Seite und entferne die Innereien. Schneide die Calamari in zwei Hälften und wende diese in der vorbereiteten Mehlmischung. Die halben Calamari werden in 180 Grad heissem Öl ca. 60 Sekunden frittiert und danach in feine Streifen geschnitten.

Anrichten des Tellers:
In die Mitte vom Teller kommt, das mit Butter verfeinerte Blumenkohl-Püree und anschliessend wird das Wolfsbarschfilet auf dem Püree platziert. Die Calamari-Streifen und die Tapenade um das Wolfsbarschfilet verteilen. Vermische Schnittlauch, Chili und Zitronenöl zu einer leichten Sauce und träufle Diese um den Fisch. Am Schluss wird das Ganze mit Koriander ausgarniert.